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NUTEWAVE Natural Nutrients For Your Plants

What is Nutewave

Natural Sea water mineral nutrients for your cultivation needs.

Nutewave Nutrients is an easy to use, no salt mineral fertilizer from sea water that can be used for any plant, vegetable or crop. It can also be used in combination with any organic fertilizer for specific applications. NUTEWAVE provides phosphate along with nitrogen, potassium, micro and trace elements when roots need it.

When roots do not receive enough phosphate from the soil, they loose vitality and have a hard time establishing. They will suffer from disorders like stress and disease and NUTEWAVE helps overcome and avoid these conditions. By providing the plants with a season-long supply of phosphate with nitrogen, potassium and magnesium, NUTEWAVE creates the conditions for a stronger root mass.


  • Single application of complete nutrient supply in one package.
  • Develop a strong and healthy root system.
  • Expanded bloom growth.
  • Greater color and odor.
  • No burn.
  • Reduces transplant shock.
  • Reduces plant nutrient deficiencies.
  • Holds water to help with draught conditions.


The first continuous slow release mineral citrate soluble fertilizer. Provides nutrients as the plant releases its citrate acid through the roots and replaces the nutrients in the soil.


NUTEWAVE® continually supplies nitrogen, phosphate and potassium along with calcium, magnesium, sulfur and all the trace elements all growing season.


NUTEWAVE® is environmentally friendly fertilizer. Allows you to use less and last longer, improving the soil quality. Green Soil because of its ability to stay in the soil will reduce runoff.


NUTEWAVE® reduces any problem with phosphate tie-up and prevents risk of leaching and run off.

Get the best nutrients for your plants


Nutewave® is a source of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium as a slow release. Nutewave is the only one crystal granular fertilizer also supplying calcium, magnesium, sulfur and trace elements during the growing season. Nutewave provides nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and magnesium when the plant needs it. Reduces phosphate tie-up in the soil, lowers the risk of runoff.


NUTEWAVE® provides crops with a more effective source of nutrients. Like nitrogen, phosphate, potassium (5-27-2) plus micro and 16 trace mineral that improve soil condition.

  • Natural slow-release feeds crop up to six months.
  • Feeds plants through its root system.
  • Decrease phosphate tie-up.
  • Improves soil conditions by adding trace elements.
  • Odorless no smell.
  • Holds water to help with draught conditions.


NUTEWAVE® provides a slow release and more effective source of nutrients to plants. Along with nitrogen, phosphate, potassium (5-27-2) plus micro and 16 trace minerals in one granular

  • Single application of complete nutrient supply.
  • Develop a strong and healthy root system.
  • Improve bloom growth.
  • Greater color and odor.
  • No burn.
  • Holds water to help with draught conditions.


NUTEWAVE® adds nutrients to the soil to strengthen the roots, helping with recovery process. It provides nitrogen along with phosphate and potassium (5-27-2), plus micro and trace elements to build a stronger root mass and improve stress tolerance.

  • Stay in the root zone and feeds longer.
  • Increased root mass.
  • Creates deeper roots for healthier turf.
  • Quicker recovery from daily wear.
  • Gives the turf a longer, greener-lasting look.
  • Reduces runoff.


NUTEWAVE provides an all-natural long lasting complete and balanced nutrition to your plants. NUTEWAVE is a mineral crystal that will not burn roots. Ideal for organic growers looking for easy and safe way to increase yields.

  • Provides N-P-K Micros plus 16 trace minerals that Hemp and Cannabis need.
  • One application feeds for the entire vegetative & flower season.
  • Increased return on investment with optimum yields.
  • Simple to apply and safe to use.
  • Can be used to grow high quality medical cannabis.

Success stories from client

"We jumped at the chance to help distribute a natural method of providing our favorite plant with nutrients. As Michigan's oldest running cannabis magazine we have seen many products for growers come and go, but this product was so unique it really caught our eye. It is only a matter of time until the word spreads about the ease of use and higher yields."
Matt Gervais
Editor Michigan Marijuana Report Magazine

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