What should be the pH level in the soil to grow my plants?

The optimal soil pH to grow plants using Nutewave should be 6.5. Because pH affects the way nutrients are available to plants, you need to check soil pH before and after adding your fertilizer.

For which cycle shall I use Nutewave?

Green Soil® can be used from the rooting stage to the harvest.

I accidentally added more product than it was recommended is it dangerous for my plants?

No burning due to overfeeding. Nutewave is a slow release-based fertilizer, not a chemical. The product will stay in the soil near the roots and feed as the plant needs it. In addition to the macro values found in Nutewave, micro-elements and trace minerals available will help replenishing poor soils to a healthy soil.

Why Nutewave is so different compared with traditional NPK products?

Nutewave is a complete one solution fertilizer that holds macro & micro nutrients with trace elements all in one structure. Long lasting single application due to the natural slow release, feeding at the roots where plants need it most. Environmentally friendly, no burn, can be used with any other organic product.

How long can Nutewave last in the soil?

Use less and last longer. Nutewave provides a continuous slow release 6 months long supply of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium & magnesium.

How to apply Nutewave?

Application rates depend on soil type, climate and plant type. Can be used as a top dressing, nutrient spike or as a spray application with tank aggregation to keep product suspended. 

Can I apply Nutewave when the weather is rainy?

Yes, you can. Nutewave is 1% water soluble and releases only in response to plants roots citrate acid. As the roots produce citrate acid, Green Soil will release nutrients that will feed plants on demand.

Which soils can you use with Nutewave?

Nutewave works well with most soils, coco, coco mixes and hydroponics.