NuteWave Nutrients 1oz. pkg.


Nutewave provides a slow release and more effective source of nutrients to plants. Along with nitrogen, phosphate, potassium (5-27-2) plus micro and 16 trace minerals in one granular

  • Single application of complete nutrient supply.
  • Develop a strong and healthy root system.
  • Improve bloom growth.
  • Greater color and odor.
  • No burn.
  • Holds water to help with draught conditions.
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Nutewave provides an all-natural long lasting complete and balanced nutrition to your plants. Blossom Booster is a mineral crystal that will not burn roots. Ideal for organic growers looking for easy and safe way to increase yields.

  • Provides N-P-K Micros plus 16 trace minerals that Hemp and Cannabis need.
  • One application feeds for the entire vegetative & flower season.
  • Increased return on investment with optimum yields.
  • Simple to apply and safe to use.
  • Can be used to grow high quality medical cannabis.

Guaranteed Analysis 5-27-2

1oz package.

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